Color psychology: what are the benefits for the brand?

Psicologia das cores: quais os benefícios para a marca?

For a company to have good results in terms of marketing, it must pay attention to several details. One of them, which deserves to be highlighted, is the psychology of colors, that is, the impact that this element can have on customers. It’s true that every detail matters when it comes to marketing. In fact, a symbol or… Read more

How does the purchasing journey work?

Como funciona a jornada de compra?

Any company that works with sales needs strategies to make their conversion more effective and recurring. One of the elements that cannot be left out is the customer's purchasing journey, which helps to offer a more interesting approach. Each customer of a company is at a specific point of purchase. That … Read more

Content strategy: how to develop it?

Estratégia de conteúdo: como desenvolver?

Technological advances and SEO strategies that have emerged in recent times have allowed companies to become more adept at content strategy. This caused competition between companies for the first pages of search engines to grow a lot, regardless of the segment. With increasing demand from the public, it has become essential to develop content for… Read more

How can e-commerce help retail sales?

Como o e-commerce pode ajudar as vendas no varejo?

E-commerce is a method of buying and selling that is here to stay, bringing many advantages to retailers and customers. For consumers, it is a way to buy products and services of the most varied types, without leaving home and receiving everything in the comfort of their home. For retailers, the platform serves as a channel… Read more

How to apply employer branding?

Como aplicar o employer branding?

Employer branding is the use of a set of actions among a company's employees to promote retention, well-being and engagement. Any company that wants to have engaged consumers must first ensure employee involvement with the organization's value proposition. This is important because these people are on the front lines and… Read more