How does the purchasing journey work?

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Any company that works with sales needs strategies to make their conversion more effective and recurring. One of the elements that cannot be left out is the purchasing journey of the client, which helps to offer a more interesting approach.

Each customer of a company is at a specific point of purchase. This means that needs will be different and, because of this, the way in which the buyer will receive support must take this into account.

In fact, a consumer who does not yet know a store will not have the same attitude as one who is already paying for a asphalt marking paint at the establishment's cashier.

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Therefore, understanding the purchasing journey is essential so that communication with customers has fewer errors, is less aggressive or superficial.

To understand what the journey is, how important it is and learn about how it works, this article will be very useful.

What is the purchasing journey?

Como funciona a jornada de compra?
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Every customer who is going to purchase a product or service goes through a purchasing journey. In practice, this means that it goes through a path from before your decision to the period after the purchase.

The customer journey emerged through market research that analyzed consumer behavior. There, it was possible to understand the factors that directly influence the conversion of a brand’s sales.

To understand it in a simpler way, it is interesting to realize that the customer's purchasing journey is a process that generally has four basic steps. Are they:

  • Learning and discovery;
  • Perception of the problem;
  • Knowledge and consideration of the solution;
  • Buying decision.

In other words, a customer who likes coffee may wish to prepare the product in a more practical way in their daily life. To achieve this, he realizes that having equipment at home is essential.

So, he knows the options he has to espresso coffee machine with professional grinder and, given this, you can decide to buy to achieve your goal.

Know the importance of the purchasing journey

Since the purchasing journey is precisely about analyzing the customer's profile to offer the best possible approach, it is possible to say that it is extremely important to guarantee the company's success.

In fact, the purchasing journey allows decision makers to be more focused on customers. Plus, it makes every step of the shopping experience much easier for potential buyers.

Therefore, the purchasing journey proves to be an indispensable element for salespeople to be able to offer better support to the company's customers.

Understanding how it works

So that the purchasing journey can be more effective, knowing some points about how it works is essential. That said, the main ones will be mentioned below.

1. Information collection

When a customer arrives at the establishment, it is important to understand where they are in their journey. To do this, you need to master the stages of awareness, consideration and decision.

A driver who needs to make the change of CNH category D to E, for example, arrives at the driving school needing support from salespeople to understand the process he will go through, so he can close the purchase.

Therefore, the stage of collecting information is essential so that the salesperson understands more about the customer and can provide the guidance they need.

2. Identification of the stage of the purchasing journey

When the salesperson understands which stage the potential customer is at, they can apply the approach that makes the most sense at the moment.

This way, he avoids situations that could be uncomfortable or aggressive just to sell. Therefore, understanding the customer's pain and then offering the solution is the ideal process.

3. Interact collaboratively

It is very common today that the buyer of a flour packaging machine arrive at the establishment already knowing what you want or need. Therefore, the approach applied must be strategic to make the moment of sale more pleasant and effective.

The salesperson must be able to understand what stage of the journey the customer is at and, as a result, be able to offer a more practical and efficient service to the consumer.

Final considerations

The purchasing journey is an important process for customers and companies, as it represents a path that the buyer will go through and needs support to make their experience the best possible.

Therefore, one cannot fail to consider the information brought in this article and improve the approach applied in your establishment, making the moment of purchase much more pleasant.

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