Average salary of a junior developer in Brazil and abroad

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The technological market is constantly expanding, so if you are interested in technology and plan to pursue a career in this area, come and discover average salary of a junior developer in Brazil and abroad.

This is a position that is currently in demand, and will most likely continue to grow for many, many years. This is because a developer is extremely important for creating new technologies.

He participates in project development, carries out tests and optimizes new functionalities, in order to create unique programs. Are you interested? So be sure to read the information below!

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What does a junior developer do?

média salarial de um desenvolvedor júnior
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When we use our computer or cell phone on a daily basis, open applications and visit websites, we use software to ensure that all actions carried out on the device run as smoothly as possible.

Have you ever stopped to think that there is a professional hidden behind every software, application or website we use? This is the role of a junior developer: to use their knowledge to create their own language through programming, aiming to develop technological tools that make people's lives easier.

This service is provided in two ways: front-end, which is the visible part of websites or software that the public interacts with directly. And the backend, which are the creation and manipulation of server codes.

In this case, the developer is known as full stack developer. Remembering that full stack developers need to work in the front-end and back-end areas.

There is still the possibility that a junior developer will be hired to act only as a front-end or back-end. Another role that is also very popular is that of mobile developer, hired to create cell phone applications.

For all this work, the average salary of a junior developer ends up being quite attractive for many professionals.

What training do I need to have to become a junior developer?

Contrary to what common sense thinks, it is not necessary to be a super genius to work in the technology field. You just need to have enough knowledge to do your job satisfactorily.

This knowledge can be acquired through a higher education course. There are a wide range of course options for those wishing to pursue a career.

Below, you will find the main training that leads to the position of junior developer:

  • Computer engineering;
  • Analysis and systems development;
  • Computer Science;
  • Management Information Technology;
  • Information systems;
  • Software engineering, etc.

All of these are higher-level courses, which last between 4 and 5 years.

In the next topic, you will find the average salary of a junior developer, so that you can assess whether or not it is worth pursuing a career in the area.

What is the average salary of a junior developer in Brazil and abroad?

Now that we know what a junior developer does and what courses are needed to pursue a career, let's get straight to the point. After all, a good job needs to be well paid!

According to the website Glassdoor, the average salary of a junior developer in Brazil it is between R$5,000 to R$7,000.

Abroad, the remuneration for this same position is around U$5,000 to U$8,000. However, it is important to consider that depending on the company and the professional's training, these values can undergo major changes.

As we can see, the salary doesn't differ much. The only difference is that purchasing power abroad is usually much greater than in our country. It is not recommended to convert to make this comparison, as those who receive in dollars also spend in dollars.

How is the job market for junior developers?

Because it is considered a very difficult job, few people are interested in taking up the positions. job vacancies available on the market. The technology area is a sector that never stops growing, and is always in need of qualified people.

This means that the demand is greater than the number of professionals qualified to take on the role. This makes the position of junior developer very promising.

Not to mention the fact that a developer can work remotely from anywhere in the world, setting their own schedule. Therefore, an employee does not need to live in the same state as the company's headquarters, further increasing the chances of being hired easily.

Furthermore, we have to consider that the average salary of a junior developer is attractive in the current scenario we live in.


Definitely work on area of technology It is a great option for those looking for good opportunities with satisfactory salaries. In addition to the market not being saturated, this is one of the areas that is constantly growing.

It is easier to get a job and there are many higher education courses that lead to the position of junior developer, who is starting an IT career. This way, the person can choose which one best suits their profile.

There is the possibility of a junior developer acting as a front-end or back-end, and as a full stack, performing these two functions. Another good alternative is to develop a mobile developer role, creating applications for cell phones.

Did you know what the average salary is for a junior developer? Tell us if you are interested in working in this area.

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